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"We all know someone who is affected by addiction. This foundation helps our community. It helps individuals and families who are living with addiction. Kudos to all involved with this mission."

- Jill R.

"Sometimes the scariest and most difficult thing to do is to be honest, and Luke is using his courageous story to inspire and help others."

- Steven P.

"Luke has made it his mission and life's work to save others from this deadly disease...he only wants to help you shed the stigma and save your life."

- John S.

"Volunteering at Perfectly Flawed has allowed me to see the other side of the opioid epidemic and has provided me with an opportunity to make a difference."

- Diane S.

"We all do tings in our life we are not proud of. So glad you have the courage to tell yours [story]."

- Marybeth B.

"You are changing this world one step at a time."

- Fran Z.

"You inspire me to keep moving forward to make my recovery dreams real!."

- Richelle C.

"Perfectly Flawed is grown into a major source for those in need of support."

- Donna J.

"Proud to wear my Perfectly Flawed shirt and inspired by the work you are doing."

- Shelli M.

"Thanks. I'm doing great feeling good. On my way to a better life. And I would like to thank you and everyone you work with for what you did for me it means a lot to me even if it don't to anyone else."

- Paul G.


"Your signs are just great. Not just for Perfectly Flawed but for everyone with some kind of struggle going on, not just addiction. Great to see another wonderful project from Perfectly Flawed."

- Peru resident and retired elementary teacher 



- Jill R.

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"Strengthening communities affected by addiction by investing in children, individuals, and education"​

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