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Book Club

Welcome to The Perfectly Flawed Book Club.  Our goal is to help educate the general public on multiple facets and perspectives of addiction so we can further prevent overdose death and the trauma in the lives that follow. We’re glad you have joined us in these efforts.


As part of the mission of the Perfectly Flawed Foundation, the book club aims to provide community education, create awareness and promote discussion about a variety of topics around addiction and perhaps spur some civil and respectful debate.

Members of this group range from people in recovery and grieving family members to addiction specialists, policy experts and individuals who have no experience with addiction, just looking to learn.


We recognize the path to addiction is not a one-sized-fits-all package and that there are varying opinions and medical perspectives.   We encourage you to share your opinions and respect those of others.  We have one golden rule is that we ask that your comments be respectful and take into consideration the many in this group have lost loved ones to addiction.  



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